Metin2 7x Hack, Actual Exp, Fish Boot, ( All Metin2 Servers ) 01/01/2018

metin2 7x hilesi
metin2 7x hilesi

Metin2 7x Hack, as we all know, this Metin2 Cheat was a curse that the players had been wondering for a long time. However, Metin2 had become one of the most reactioned folks in the 7x hack category because he constantly gave the same mistakes. Especially for this reason, we share this trick with no problem. Especially for those looking for the text2 yang collection family 2017 release, we can say it is a gimmick at the exact spot.

Metin2 Global is a trick to provide a truly effective solution for those looking for tricks, but it is constantly updated, so it is essential to constantly download the current version from our site. If you are currently cheating you do not have a chance to eat ban and you can use cheat all the time. When the trick becomes updated, the current version is added to this topic. You can download it quickly and easily from this topic. Metin2 7x is very, very much preferred by users who have this feature. Because the 7x hack is actively engaged in the game constantly in the game. This option is really important for players as it provides quick and quick strokes. This option provides a lot of kicking activity during contraction, which makes it easy for the players. Metin2 actual 7x is designed for you and has an easy menu. From the moment you enter the game, it appears in the sub-options of the game. Extra does not open the application and does not cause extra cracks or frost on your computer. This is very useful because of this reason.

Metin2 Cheat Properties

  • Metin2 7x Hack
  • Fast Running
  • Fast Damage
  • Wall Hack
  • GM Dedector
  • Auto Review
  • Auto Pot
  • Fish Bot
  • Withdrawal
  • Money hack ( review )
  • Metin Dedector
  • Auto Metin Cutter

Installation and Operation

Metin2 hack is required for hacking and running the files in order to be able to run correctly and operations must be applied. Otherwise, there is a problem of throwing. Please follow the directions below correctly.

  • Download the tricks and install it in your game folder.
  • Make sure you enter the game with the normal patcher before starting the game from the Metin2_Launch.exe section.
  • Once you are sure that the game updates are complete, open the game with Metin2_Launch.exe. But do not log in. Wait on the home screen.
  • Then find Process Hacker, Gamemon.des and Gamemon64.des, right click and suspend.
  • Then login to the game and Metin2 7x Hack is ready! Enjoy it!
  • To use the extra features, type “/runpy” into the Metin2 public chat screen and hit enter.


Video Narration (Subtitles Available)

Our friends who do not speak Turkish; They can use the subtitle option of Youtube.


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We no longer share hacking. We have seen that the tricks in the games are damaging to the players very much and we will no longer share fraud by 18.02.2018. We will remove the scams from our site as soon as possible and we will optimize our site by cleaning up the scam. Thank you for your understanding.

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